At the risk of showing off, and sounding like every other person in a relationship, my girlfriend is amazing. But what’s possibly just as amazing is the fact that she came across and bought me the script for Pulp Fiction, that’s been signed by, Uma Thurman, Quentin Tarantino, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel, Erick Stoltz, Bruce Willis, Amanda Plummer, Ving Rhames, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, Kathy Griffin, Maria De Medeiros, Lawrence Bender, and Roger Avary.

Autographed Pulp Fiction Script Book
Autographed Pulp Fiction Script Book | Image By Callib Carver.


I might have taken a deep breath before typing that, because that was a mouth full, and on the screen it looks like a massive wall of text. Anyways it’s an amazing gift that has easily become my prized material possession. It’s also the best anniversary gift I’ve ever gotten.

Now I’m not going to hold back the fact that this is a reprint, however, it doesn’t in any way demolish it for me. It’s awesome and amazing to me, something I never thought about and that caught me by surprise. She did admit that she thought it was just a signed script cover, that when it came in we both realised that this heavy package was a bit more.

So it was a bit of a double surprise, which was actually kinda cool. Best anniversary ever.


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