As a photographer and a photography major, I’m always looking for the latest bit of gear and accessories. New tips, tricks, and well anything of interest, such as projects by other photographers. Now I don’t typically buy into any of the merchandise. But I can’t deny that I don’t want or like some of it. Recently I came across what is the first Kickstarter Project I plan to back.

TheĀ Galaxy Photographer’s Planner and Handbook is a photographer’s all in one notebook. It will offer various information, as well as how this journal came to be. There are several sections of the book.

Galaxy Photographer's Planner and Handbook
Galaxy Photographer’s Planner and Handbook | Image Courtesy of Galaxy photography

The record section contains monthly planners, exposure records, zone system records, location scouting records, darkroom records, and memoranda.

The Handbook section has infographics, cheat sheets, practically daily, and a chemistry section. Finally, there is a general information section that contains information about galleires, agents, contacts, etc.

But why have I decided to back this project?

First off I’m a huge fan of notebooks. I’m the kind of person that spends $20 on a Moleskin notebook. I have bought at least a dozen over the past ten years. This notebook has all the elements of a great notebook, with the leather cover, sections, paper, page designs, and general look and feel.

It also looks like it could be a great tool and asset for me as a photographer, that is continuing to grow as a professional and as a student. Even though cameras maintain their own recrods, via metadata, I like to write everything out, by hand, on paper. It feels better to me and reads better to me. I can focus more and while things can happen to paper it’s a bit easier to truck around a ntoebook versus my MacBook Pro or trying to keep everything on my phone, which I don’t care for. Simply because I don’t care to read my documents or books on a device. I, again, like the physical papers.

Photographer's Notebook
Image Courtesy of Galaxy photography

It also supports a great project, that is donating part of the funds to Antarctic Heritage Trust. Now that I think about it, this notebook looks like it should be a Moleskin notebook.

While it isn’t that far off, they won’t be shipping the notebooks until January of 2016. Which is about two months away currently. Which means I’m like a kid on the drive to Disney Land. I can’t wait.

Now while they currently have around $7,300 raised, with an $8,000 goal, and 28 days remaining. Their project could technically miss their goal by pennies, which would be unfurtaunte to say the least. I do hope they reach their goal, let alone their stretch goals and we see this notebook become a reality.

Back & Find Out More

Galaxy Photographer's Planner and Handbook Logo

If you’re interested in learning more about the Galaxy notebook, or even backing the project you can checkout their Kickstarter page or their website. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Will you be backing or buying one of the Galaxy notebooks? What are your thoughts?


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