Trying to Figure Out My Portfolio

One thing I’ve been struggling to do over the past year is to rebuild my photography portfolio. I’ve learned a lot, but there’s so much more I can learn. I’ve also really started to make a true shooting style for myself and figured out how I want my shots to look. But it isn’t enough to say I know what you’re photos will look like, I have to show people what I can do.

One thing I’ve determined that stops me from getting my photographic butt in gear is procrastinating. Which I think is something most artists do. I also try way too hard to do way to many things, typically a thousand and one projects that never get finished or come to realization because again I’m doing a thousand things. Instead, I need to do a few things perfectly, or at the very least really well.

I’ve been reaching out to people I know, and those that I don’t, to try and get some shoots together and get my portfolio going again. Christmas is also upon us, and the greater Sacramento area is seeing quite a bit of rain lately so that’s limited my options.

I’ve also thought about reaching out to some of the local business to collaborate shooting in their location, or even working with them to photograph product, as I have some experience with that and also love doing it as well. It’s not my first love, but it’s so much fun and it’s always a challenge as you’ve got to make an object(s) interesting.

Time to get up and off my butt and start taking photos again.


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