My girlfriend and I have decided to create a healthier diet for ourselves. Let me be clear that this is our diet, as in what we are eating, not a diet as in to lose weight. Though it will help us do that compared to our current diet. This also isn’t a new years resolution, simply something we wanted to do.

I’m a bigger guy. I’m 6′ 7″ and weigh in around 265. I like meat, potatoes, chips, and well all the other delicious junk foods and fast food out there. I’ve always had a weakness for Chinese food. Well, we’ve stopped all that and worked on meals that are better for us and that are typically new for us as.

This past Sunday, 1/10, she made a honey spice chicken dish and I must say it was delicious. Honestly one of, if not the, best meal she’s ever made. We also tried some chicken from the butcher shop at Whole Foods. This wasn’t planned, but we had forgotten to lay out any meat and basically had nothing dethawed to cook at 6:30 PM. So we spent a bit more than we had planned and bought some boneless thighs, which were easily the best chicken thighs I’ve ever had. If I could afford to do so, I’d buy all my meat from Whole Foods.


The chicken was baked and then broiled for about a half hour. But that didn’t leave it dry. Which chicken is prone to do whenever you cook it. I know I’m not much of a cook, despite how hard I try, and I can dry the chicken out very easily.

Using a mix of seasoning on the chicken, which it was baked with. Then covering it in a honey and apple cider vinegar sauce, the chicken was then broiled on both sides, that left it looking a bit darker than one might think, but it wasn’t burnt. It had a slight crunch to the outside. I think I forgot to mention these were skinless. The sauce was sweet and savory. It was all cooked to perfection. I really loved the sauce, which my girlfriend thought was a bit runny. It was, considering it had honey in it, it was quite runny. But I loved it and wouldn’t change a thing.


I’ve taken to photographing some of the more basic things I post about with my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S5, and the chicken do look a bit darker than it was. However don’t let that fool you like I said before it was absolutely delicious. If you’re interested in trying this recipe you can find it on Pinterest, or through the embedded pin above.


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