When it comes to technology I’ve never really feared change. Sometimes I didn’t agree with it or perhaps it did give me a moment of pause. But I’ve never feared it. This was true when Adobe announced their newest business model with the launch of Creative Cloud. Which allowed you to pay for your programs on a monthly or annual basis and you received regular updates.

Now I know, at least, I’d like to think I do, that this was in part an attempt to end the piracy of their programs which are then distributed illegally. They have expensive programs, that are popular for their powerful nature. But maybe a cloud-based subscription would change that. For me it did, I love it and am a regular subscriber, currently getting a nice discount as a student.

However, I will say I’m not the biggest fan of how often Creative Cloud updates. Honestly, I feel like it’s taken the path of Facebook and updates its applications every week. I feel the same way about my Mac, and the programs on it. I see a small red circle with a number on it, hovering over the app store far too often. I shouldn’t even get into my Mac updates, though. At least Creative Cloud loads. I know in both my case and my girlfriend’s case the app store is sluggish, to say the least, it feels bulky, and it takes forever for it to load and then update.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.35.53 PM
I kid you not, I just updated my Mac yesterday and there is already another update pending. Which you can see on the app store icon in the right-hand corner.


All in all, I understand why there are updates, and for some bits of software, say Adobe, I get that it’s part of what you pay for and it’s a constant work in progress to perfect features, add things in, take things out. But sweet bajesus the time it takes to update or the updater themselves just seem so slow and clunky, typically when the actual product isnt. I just personally hate updates 9 times out of 10. I’ll put them off as long as I can, or until I get tired of seeing the icons.


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