There are a thousand and one productivity apps on the market. From Evernote to Wunderlist, and to apps like Forest that turn productivity and not using your phone or smart device into a kind of game. I have a lot of them and I use, or at least attempt to use them. But I question if I need them.Screenshot_2016-03-23-23-57-22

I find my Evernote just takes up space on my phone, and that my wunderlist at best it just a widget on my home screen that I look at and continue to procrastinate about until I remove the widget or on rare occasions I actually tick one of the items off of it.


I know you’re asking why do I bother with them then. To be honest it`s because I want to be more productive than I am. I want to get more done and having things laid out in front of me does help to see the whole, Or at least, the greater, picture. Which is just part of how I work.

A great example is when I`m working stock at work. I will set everything out in the area it goes so I can see everything before I start rearranging the shelves and moving things to make it all fit, which is something we do weekly and even daily based off of our freight load and our current on hand merchandise. Yes, I will have to touch it again but this method works best and for me to do my best it is the only way for me. But don`t take that as I won`t do it another way or that I`m not willing.


A look at what is my smallest Wunderlist.


I guess when it comes down to it writing this post and noticing that I have all of these productivity apps, list, and even a whiteboard at home with various things o it I have realised that I suffer from chronic procrastination. As well as having the desire, even if just in part, to do better and be more productive. But I lack the drive or motivation. It`s honestly like a car without a driver. It runs, it`s ready to go, but it`s sitting there in the driveway or on the side of the road going nowhere. What drives me?

But I want to say that the productivity apps I do use, the ones that are more than an app on my phone. The ones that get used are great. Evernote is great to sync notes across my phone, mac, tablet, and to have them ready online. Wunderlist does keep me aware of what I have going on and that I need to do, and while it doesn’t help me get more done per-say. But it does get me to think about my chores, duties, and what not so I finally break down and do them so that I can get them off my screen.

I have recently gotten into one of my productive kicks and have downloaded my apps again and started to try and push myself into doing more. It’s always something I wrestle with, we shall see how these productvity apps play into my upcoming work, projects, and soon I’ll be returning to classes.

What do you do to stay on task? Do you use any apps to keep list or notes?


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