I’m terrible with routines. I have certain things that I do every day like everyone else. Little things really, like coming home, emptying my pockets, taking off my watch, and then I change into something more comfortable. I have a few at work that I can hold true to, but pretty much anything else is in the air.

Something I’ve started doing is getting up earlier than usual, around the time that normal

My desk, where it all happens.

people get up. I take my phone, Moleskine notebook, and my Mac into the studio turn on some music, and I start writing. Sometimes I work on some photo work, depending on what I have going on. As a matter of fact, that’s what I’m doing right now.


It helps clear my mind, it helps with my creativity, and the biggest benefit of it all is that it really helps me focus. Most mornings now I don’t know what I’m doing, that’s to say that I just start writing or skimming through my raw photos and then begin making edits. A few days ago I pulled up some old photos from a shoot I did a few years ago and re-edited some of the shots and was far happier with them now than I was before. I don’t know what will see the light of day, much like this post. It may just sit on the back end of my blog and no one will ever read it, or it could be something I share and maybe, just maybe it will inspire someone or give them something to think about.

I see a plethora of articles talking about how to be more productive, or creative. A professional photographer that I follow loosely, Chase Jarvis, talks about routines and how they help him and can be a crucial part of a creative person’s life and career. I never put much stock into them. I always wanted to be able to have these routines that these people talk about, that make them successful or that help them. But truth be told I’m terrible at keeping most routines. I falter and they fade away. But this particular routine, this is one I should keep. It gets me working more, it makes me feel better, and as cliche, as this sounds I’m getting a bit more out of life instead of laying in bed for a few more hours.

I’ve heard the saying that routines need to work for you, not the other way around. I think this one is doing just that.


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