I’m Wide Awake!

It’s 1:35  in the morning, and I’m sitting on my couch wide awake. I can’t sleep. I’m not sure why I’m awake, I don’t per say have a lot of or any energy. I’ve been at work all day and didn’t get off till 9:30 PM, which means I didn’t get home until around 10 PM.

My mind is alert and I’m aware of everything currently going on in my life. Bills, Money, my cat licking himself so intensely at the foot of the bed. I’ve learned to time the breaks between railroad crossings as the train cuts through town in the distance. The average street crossing is roughly 15 seconds apart, as I’m about two blocks outside of downtown and the train runs right through it. Every intersection gets two whistle blows. I know it’s so no one misses the train, though how could you miss a train. Never mind we won’t get onto that subject. I’m also aware of all the things I have to do at work.

I simply can’t sleep and I don’t know why. Honestly, I probably do, but I just don’t want to admit it. Instead, I try to push it out of mind and then it resurfaces. Whatever the reason I’m wide awake. Even worse is I know I should be asleep, and I want to be asleep. But I can’t sleep. I lay there and I start thinking about this or that, and if I manage to not think about anything at all then it’s to quite. I know that everything is just waiting for me tomorrow.

I must sound like a mad man by this point in this post.


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