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Starting Over In Washington

I wrote this post some five months ago in August. However, it never felt right and it sat unfinished with a dozen other post in my drafts folder. But with a new year I thought I’d publish it, as it felt better now, it felt right. Especially thanks to a lot of help from some family during some hard times that my girlfriend & I fell into. I threw in some new stuff, which I bolded for reference.

We’re in Washington, finally. Free of the hustle and bustle, and crazy pricing of apartments that is California, namely the Sacramento and SF Bay areas. Already we’ve taken a breath and have been able to relax a bit as we weren’t big fans of living in California. Now it’s time to settle down and start our new lives in a new place.

In a way we are starting over, mind you we still have all our stuff. But it’s like moving out of your parent’s house for the first, and hopefully the only time. You’re in the real world, somewhere that is somehow strange and new to you, even if you know where you’re at.

We’ve actually been here for some time now, but we had some hang ups with our move, then the apartment, and well let’s just say that the move itself, sucked. But it’s over now and we are all settled into our 1-bed room apartment, with our bad cat.

While my job is the same, I’m at a new store with a new team. One that we are finally starting to find our swing with, long story short there our store is huge and it’s far harder to maintain than the store I came from… Now I’m at a store that is some 10,000 square feet, versus a store that may have been 4,000 square feet.

I’ll say that the new job location has been a hell of a challenge, as the sales floor is larger and thus harder to manage, more product, and we have people who constantly try to steal. Which if I never mentioned it before, I work for a shoe company, and you’d be surprised how often people try to, or do, steal from shoe stores.

I will say that we downsized to our apartment and it was a bit of a chore to find a place for everything and somethings wound up in our patio storage room. But all things said and done Washington was the right move and maybe we can start a real life here.

What’s next?


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