Anyone who knows me as a blogger, specifically as a blogger, knows I’ve struggled with staying active. It isn’t for a lack of trying or wanting. I just want my blog to be something so bad, that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Plus everyday life and work get added to the mix and it’s the age old excuse of not having the time or energy. Which may be true, but it’s still a poor excuse.

To me, blogging is something I enjoy. A way to relax, be creative in one way or another, express myself and share my thoughts, inform, and even build my professional presence. Yet I find a way to get out pf it.

To help with that I have started writing a post in advance. Some aren’t meant to be for any specific time later on in the future. It’s simply something I may have written to write. You know for the Hell of it, but it meant something or I just felt like sharing it beyond my notebook or my Evernote App. While I may not post something to my blog every day, I plan and want to post regularly and write regularly.throwmommafromthetrain1

I always liked the saying “Writers write.” Which I heard in the movie Throw momma from a train. It was a great Billy crystal and Danny Devito film. So here’s to writing, and being a writer no matter what that brings or what I write.


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