I’ve been playing around with my food lately. Pun intended sorry that was in poor taste.

The focus isn’t right in either shot, and the colors aren’t quite right either. To me, they have this odd yellow/green tinge to them. Mind you the meat isn’t bad in any way. Maybe my cooking is, but not the meat.

The lighting could be better, but it is literally just the light from the fluorescent kitchen light.  But both in the camera and in editing this was taken care of. I guess I should also note I’m trying to really push myself technically now and do as little editing as possible. Shoot it in the camera and skip editing. Though I do shoot in a raw format which allows relatively natural edits, such as exposure and color balancing that you can do in the camera in an editor tool.

I’d like to note that I’m really trying to focus on some of my more technical work, and do a lot of, if not everything in camera instead of doing a bunch of editing in the digital darkroom. Even then I’m restricting myself to the basic adjustments that one can do inside of camera raw.

A friend of mine suggested that I stop playing it safe and go to a butcher shop or somewhere else outside my kitchen and get the real gross and nitty gritty side of food.

This post was originally published on my photo-blog, which I have decided to discontinue and bring over to this, my main blog.


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