My name is Callib Carver, and I’m both an artist and writer, specifically a photographer & journalist, living just outside of Seattle, Washington. While not a Seattle, let alone a Washingto  native, love the area and it’s culutre.050616_0001Over the years I’ve lived in the Northern California, Bay Area, St. Louis, Alaska, and Arizona, which is where I’m from.

So what’s this blog all about? 

For me it’s a hobby and keep my skills sharp, an outlet to share my work while I continue to explore this city. It’s also a bit of a record of my journey through life. But this time I’m not alone. I’ve got my girlfriend, and a bad cat.

Over the years I’ve maintained many blogs, however in recent months I’ve really come to define myself as an artist, photographer, and writer. I’ve seen the styles I’ve developed for my work and I want this blog to be the one stop for everything that I am now.

Thanks for reading!