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Tail Wing

Every day I drive down a back road, past two separate industrial parks, and several industrial yards that house recycling operations, semi-trailers, and a whole host of what some may call junk. Among the remains of the industrial yards is an unmarked tail wing from a small aircraft. It’s also the first time I’ve gone out and taken photos since I’ve been in Washington, a start to my photography again.

I can’t help but wonder what happened to this plane? Why is this tail wing sitting in this small field with no airfield anywhere nearby? The closest being roughly 20 miles away.

This post was originally published on my photo-blog, which I have decided to discontinue and bring over to this, my main blog.

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Hugh Laurie Can Sing!?

So I’ve discovered that Hugh Laurie is even more talented than I already knew he was. I’ve heard snippets from various film pieces of him singing, but now I’ve come across his albums, yes albums; Let Them Talk (released in 2011) and Didn’t it Rain (released in 2013).

My girlfriend actually sent me the link to the video I’ve posted below and I’ve got to say it’s another Hugh Laurie bit that I love. I’m in no way trying to attack Laurie or”hate” on him, but people like him are too talented. He has so much talent that he could be the reason I see people struggle with plastic bags at the grocery store. Realistically he is an amazing showmen, actor, singer, and I’m sure he has plenty of other talents. Good on him.